Kurt Laurenz Metzler park

Kurt Laurenz Metzler park

The Garden of Iesa was founded in 1995 as an environmental complex monograph.

Inside it collects the work of Swiss sculptor Metzler, seen in its various stages of development and research: it is composed of about fifty “hominids,” concieved to be outdoors, of various shapes and colours, made of materials, as marble, bronze, aluminum, iron, polyester, and limestone.

These sculptural forms have the peculiarity to not interact with the space that welcomes them, but to occupy it. Using nature as a scenery,they set up an intense dialogue between the artist and his subject.

In these works, even if there is a digression into abstractism, they symbolize a clear reference to the archetype of the human figure and a strong retrieval to Pop Art, an art movement with which Metzler had contacts during the sixties. Currently the collection consists of about fifty works, which will probably increase their number since the artist has plans to expand further.

Open to the public: visit by appointment only.

Località Il Poggio, Via Senese 5 Iesa, Monticiano

Tel: (+39) 0577 758130

Mail: info@metzler.com