News 2


Kurt Laurenz Metzler has attended the concert for Viareggio as the only sculptor with 5 of his artworks.
The idea came from producer Mimmo D’Alessandro, of D’Alessandro & Galli, who was endorsed enthusiastically by Zucchero”Sugar” Fornaciari, always in love with the Versilia area, was the headliner of the evening ,attended by many artists and celebrities from the world of sport and entertainment: Alexia, Malika Ayane, Matthew Becucci, the referee Pierluigi Collina, Carlo Conti, Irene Fornaciari, Italian flutist Andrea Griminelli, Jury (X-Factor), Karima, the jazz pianist Eric Lewis , CT of the national football team Marcello Lippi, Naomi, Mario Schilir√≤ musician, saxophonist James Thompson, Paolo Vaglio, drummer Scot Derek Wilson, the choir voices of Puccini Festival,Sting and many other friends.